The African Union Southern Africa Regional Office (AU-SARO) was established in 2001 by the AU Member States. It is a representational office established to develop and maintain constructive and productive relationships between the AU and Member States in the Southern African Region, as well as SADC and COMESA.

One of the main functions of AU-SARO Office is monitoring of political, economic, social and cultural developments in the 16 Member States (MS) in Southern Africa. The AU-SARO also monitors integration and development in SADC and COMESA which are two vital regional bodies towards continental integration.


Staff Members

  • Ambassador David Claude Pierre

    Ambassador David Claude Pierre

    Permanent Representative of AU to Southern Africa, COMESA and SADC
  • Myranda Lutempo

    Ms Myranda Lutempo

    Senior Policy Officer
  • Evansie Luscious Nkotima

    Mr Evansie Luscious Nkotima

    Finance and Administration Officer
  • Agyedho Adwok Nyaba

    Ms Agyedho Adwok Nyaba

    Information and Communications Officer
  • Judith Stella Banda

    Ms Judith Stella Banda

    PA to Permanent Representative
  • Moses Kalichero

    Mr Moses Kalichero

    Driver/Mail Runner
  • Marjorie Tauzie

    Ms Marjorie Tauzie

  • Chikumbutso Gangire

    Mr Chikumbutso Gangire

    Security Guard and Cleaner


African union Southern Africa Regional Office
Kang’ombe House 9th Floor
P.o Box 30898
Lilongwe 3
Agyedho Adwok Nyaba
Information and Communication Officer
+254725019852( whatsapp)