Joint AfCFTA Mission to Seychelles


A delegation consisting of AU-SARO and AfCFTA Secretariat undertook a Joint mission to Mahe, Seychelles from 10th to 15th November 2022 for an AfCFTA outreach activities. The delegation was led by African Union Southern Africa Regional Office (AU-SARO) Permanent Representative Ambassador David Claude Pierre. He was accompanied by the Information and Communications Officer, Ms Agyedho Adwok. The Delegation from the AfCFTA Secretariat Comprised of;

  • Mr Mohamed ALI, Director for Trade in Goods and Competition
  • Mrs Emily Ndori, Director of Trade in Services Investments  Intellectual Property Rights and Digital Trade  
  • Mr Prudence Sebahizi, Chief Technical Advisor
  • Ms Grace Khoza, Principal Communication Advisor
  • Ms Demita Gyang, Head Customs and Trade Facilitation
  • Mrs Deneswaree Mohun Poonam, Head of NTBs Elimination;
  • Mr. Sanni Hallil Swallah, Communication Officer

The objective of the Joint outreach mission was to sensitize, advocate and educate both public and private sector on the benefits of the AfCFTA agreement as well as rally support for the implementation of the Agreement. The Format for the outreach activities included follow ups on the Implementation of the AfCFTA with Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs, engagement with the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and industry as well as Media outreach with Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation.